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Design values @ 25 degrees C:
All design values are based on a standard 25 degrees C temperature.

Test Voltage:
Voltage used to test the unit.

Test Frequency:
Frequency to be used in testing the unit. Definition = Measures the number of times that a flow of current changes direction in one second.  Expressed as Hertz (Hz).  Most North and South American locations operate on an input of 60Hz while most of Europe has a 50Hz input.

Winding #1 and Winding #2:
Fill out the inductance, tolerance (as percent %), current, and DCR (in ohms) as needed. Winding #2 fields do not need to be completed unless your application needs 2 windings.

Ambient Temperature:
Please enter the ambient temperature where the inductor will be used. Definition = The still-air temperature of the environment in which the adapter/transformer is operating. e.g., "room temperature."

Maximum Temperature Rise:
Maximum measure of heat generated by a unit at a given ambient temperature.

HiPot Voltage:
Enter needed dielectric strength required. Definition = Used to confirm if the break-down voltage of a unit's internal insulation exceeds the minimum requirement.  Testing is done by applying high voltage between two isolated points such as primary to secondary, primary to ground, or secondary to ground for a very brief period.

Core/Bobbin Model Type:
Check the type of Core/Bobbin required in your application. The options represent common types...please let us know if you have any questions on which type is needed for your application.

Inductor Size:
Enter any height, width, and length requirements you may have.

Termination Type & Spacing:
Termination can be either PC pins, Self Leads, Surface Mount, or check the "Other" box and put your requirements in the "Notes" section.

Additional Notes:
Any additional parameters not met by the above standard options can be entered in this multi-line area.

Quote Quantities and FOB Point:
- On catalog units we can quote as low as 1k pieces (however design parameters and such may make this go higher).
- The FOB Point is the location from which the customer takes possession of the goods and from which point they cover all freight, duty, and other charges. For instance an FOB Point of Chicago, IL would mean that ENG would have taken care of all freight and duty charges getting the parts to this point. The customer would only have to "truck" the parts from Chicago to their location. Even in this case, ENG will advise the trucker to pick up and deliver the parts to your location on your account.

Contact Information:
Please fill out this section and advise how we should provide you with our quote on the inductor RFQ (request-for-quote) form. Thank you.


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