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"Linear" wall-mount adapters
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Switching wall-mount & desk-top
Small power transformers
Coils, filters, inductors, and converters

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Contact Information:

Please contact ENG Electric via one of the below, depending on the nature of your inquiry:
Email: info@engelectric.com
Sales: sales@engelectric.com
Engineering: engineer@engelectric.com

Company Overview
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Our Mission...
Is to provide the international "Consumer Electronics Industry" with both quality and competitively priced wall-mount adapters, in-direct power supplies, switching power supplies, small power transformers and coils/inductors.  We accomplish this through an ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility, thousands of catalog items with existing UL, cUL, CSA, CSA/nrtl, TUV, BABT, T-Mark, SAA, and many other international safety agency approvals.   Also offered are safety stock capabilities, bar-coding, and full custom design engineering.  Production factories are located in Shenzhen, China (100 miles North of Hong Kong) and Taoyuan, Taiwan (25 miles West of Taipei).

Safety Agency Approvals:
Our catalogs list over 4,000 products approved to various international safety agency approval standards.  The bulk of these products have dual safety certification in the United States and Canada through cooperative agreements between UL and Canadian certification organizations.  We maintain extensive product approvals with many safety agencies across the world.  Our engineers offer their expertise at the above safety agencies to assist OEM's with approval of their end products.

ISO Certification
In July of 2002, ENG Electric was awarded ISO9001 certification.
Prior to the 9001 certification, ENG Electric Company maintained a current ISO 9002 certificate from July of 1995 to the current July 2002 ISO 9001 certification.
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Customer Service:
We maintain a computer link with our freight lines, brokerage agent and the US Customs Service for accurate shipping and clearance information on each release of an order.   All shipment details are handled in-house and in such a way to ensure on-time deliveries.

Available Literature
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Please fill out the following form to request any of our available literature:

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Factory Details:
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Sales Volume (2011):  USD$46,594,000
Major Products:
    AC/AC Linear Adapter
    AC/DC Linear Adapter
    Switching Power Supplies
    Power Transformers
    Coils / Inductors / Filters
    Plastic Molding and Injection
    Electronic Assembly

Factory Pictures:
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Production space:
20,000 sq. meters (215,277 sq. ft.)

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Production Lines
(1,583 production workers)
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Winding Machines
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Finish Work
rd1.jpg (20982 bytes)
Research & Development
(15 personnel)
qc1.jpg (22633 bytes)
Quality Control
(55 QC personnel)
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100% burn-in
crm3.jpg (19180 bytes)
(15 personnel)
plastinj.jpg (22803 bytes)
Plastic Injection Machines


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