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UL Testing to Canadian Standards

The following is from a UL-O-GRAM...

UL offers comprehensive Canadian and U.S. Certification Services to Clients.

     UL has been providing the most extensive and accepted safety testing and certification services in the United States for just about 100 years...services that yield a product marking that is know as the "American mark of Safety".

     For several years, UL has been laying the groundwork and implementing initiatives to help clients meet their safety testing and certification needs in Canada.

The Broadest NRTL Coverage Available
     The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has recognized as a nationally recognized testing laboratory for decades. UL's programs have represented the very definition of a nationally recognized testing laboratory over this period. UL's OSHA recognition encompasses the most extensive range of product categories (relating to nearly 600 product Standards) for testing and investigation at all four UL locations in the United States and subsidiary locations throughout the world. This represents the broadest "NRTL" coverage by far. In addition, in October 1992, the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) granted UL Canadian Certification Organization (CO) and Testing Organization (TO) status, which accredits UL to conduct tests and issue certifications to Canadian National Standards. This means that UL can authorize manufacturers to label their products with a UL Mark for Canada.

     Today, UL will provide all certification services that are needed for its manufacturing customers to gain product acceptance and do business in both Canada and the United States.

     Because you are a UL client, you may already be well on your way to receiving product safety certifications from Canada. UL Clients can take advantage of their existing certifications to receive product certifications for Canada quickly and efficiently. Our experienced staff would welcome the opportunity to provide you with the certification services you need for Canada.

     UL will manage the Canadian certification process for you. Just contact the UL engineer with whom you normally work or a UL client advisor at one of our addresses.

Tom Castino
President and Chief Executive Officer

For your reference, the UL mark that shows a product has been both tested and approved by UL for the Canadian market is the cUL mark.


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