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CSA Testing to U.S. Standards

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The following is from a CSA flyer on their new service...

CSA One-Stop North American Certification.  CSA is now accredited by OSHA as an NRTL.  OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) accredits testing organizations under their Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory Program (NRTL) to test and approve products for use in the workplace. These approvals are mandatory throughout the U.S.

This means that:
CSA Rexdale is now equivalent to all other NRTL organizations with respect to regulatory acceptance throughout the U.S.A.
Customers can obtain One-Stop, North American Certification through any CSA office or partner world-wide.

Why choose CSA?
       A product tested and approved by CSA has full regulatory acceptance and can be sold on both sides of the border.
       You need to make a single application, submit one set of samples, go through one process and pay one certification fee.
       Time and cost, compared to the current marketplace is dramatically reduced.
       CSA accreditation covers an extensive scope of over 360 U.S. standards for electrical, electronic and other products.
       CSA will accept UL and other NRTL's test data and reports submitted by the customer. CSA will accept UL and other NRTL listed products and components.
       We offer the best service in terms of time, cost and quality, which has made us the No. 1 certification organization.
       We are internationally known as the most innovative organization, offering the most flexible and responsive services designed to meet the clients business needs.
       We have highly experienced and technically competent professional staff with an average length of service of over 10 years.
       We have reciprocal agreements with agencies throughout the world to help customers market their products worldwide.
       We are respected for our integrity and our quality of workmanship.
       We are in business to serve the customer.

General Products can be CSA certified to U.S. standards as identified by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), United States Department of Labor. Products covered under this certification service require the use of an indicator adjacent to the CSA mark. The following is a clarification of the various marking options available, depending on the CSA service selected.
       Option A - Compliance to U.S. Standards Only. The CSA mark shall include the "NRTL" indicator adjacent to the CSA Mark. The preferred location of the indicator is beneath the CSA Mark, however other adjacent locations are permitted if this placement is not practical.
       Option B - Compliance to both CSA and a U.S. Standard. The CSA Mark shall include the "NRTL/C" or "C" and "US" indicators adjacent to the CSA Mark. The preferred location of the indicator is beneath the CSA Mark, however other adjacent locations are permitted if this placement is not practical.

For your reference, the CSA Mark that shows a product has been tested and approved by CSA for the United States market is "NRTL". The CSA Mark showing that a product is approved for both Canadian and U.S. markets is the "NRTL/C" or "C" and "US".
CSAnrtl.JPG (6419 bytes)


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