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UL changes logo...

The following is condensed from a UL-O-GRAM dated 12-15-97...

UL introduces new logos with combined Mark for Canada and the United States...and a bolder Mark for UL Listed/Classified products.


Ten Year grace period...
Effective January 5, 1998 Underwriter's Laboratory (UL) is effecting a change in their logo.  New customers will be required to put the new logos into place immediately while existing customers will have a 10 year period in which to do so (although UL recommends changing as soon as possible).

For more information, contact...
UL is offering literature entitled "Show the UL Mark" that shows the new logos with notes of explanation on where to use them.  The UL contact for this is Danica Walker at the Northbrook, IL location.  Ms. Walker can be reached at 847.272.8800 ext.43731, by fax at 847.509.6235 or by email at walkerd@ul.com

Does not effect all logos...
UL's individual Recognized Component Mark and Registered Firm Mark are not effected by this change, and remain the same as before.

Major Mark changes...
The thickness of the circle around the UL has been increased so that it is the same as the U and L inside.  Also, the c (signifying testing to Canadian standards) has been moved to the 8 o'clock position with US placed at the 4 o'clock position.

The new logos are as follows (remove the 8 o'clock "c" for U.S. only marks):

ul1.gif (1018 bytes)
ul2.gif (965 bytes)     ul3.gif (2183 bytes)
ul4.gif (1499 bytes)       ul5.gif (1600 bytes)
ul6.gif (1599 bytes)     ul7.gif (1758 bytes)
ul9.gif (1631 bytes)    ul10.gif (1830 bytes)


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