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Series vs. Parallel discussion & help:

Our EP (printed-circuit) and EU (low profile printed-circuit) transformer models offer both "series" and "parallel" output options.

While the output VA (volt Amps = output volts x output current) remains the same for the individual part, the series and parallel output voltages and currents will change. For example, our model EP06-1-010 has a series output of 10VAC@0.60A and a parallel output of 5VAC@1.20A. In both cases, output volts times the output current equals the base 6VA rating.

Whether one chooses series or parallel option is only a decision as to how the transformers will be hooked up.
— In a series hook-up, the transformer's secondary (output) windings have the like or same polarity terminals connected.
— With parallel, the transformer's secondary (output) windings have the alternate polarity terminals connected.

When asked by our interactive database, find the required output voltage in either the series or parallel sections. If the output voltage is shown in both sections and there is a question as to which is needed, click the voltage in both sections to see both series and parallel options for the selected output voltage. After submitting, a list of available catalog units and specifications will be generated for review.


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